DIY Fairy and Butterfly Stickers

FairyButterfly 3 Panel

I had no idea light switch decals were a thing until recently. From cute kittens to robots, there is no shortage of decorations for your light switch. So here is my contribution to this class of clever room decor—a pretty fairy surrounded by fluttering butterflies! Visit our SVG Files Shop to get the fairy and butterfly SVG file.

I make my stickers out of cardstock paper because the wings need to stick out, so technically these aren’t really “decals”. They’re more like 3D stickers. It has crossed my mind that you don’t really want anything sticking out around a light switch because your fingers may constantly catch on it, but the fairy wing on this sticker shouldn’t be an issue.

There’s not much of a tutorial for these stickers. My SVG file includes a dotted cut line on the fairy and the butterfly wings, so you just cut, fold along the dotted line and stick these beauties to your walls. For my walls I use these Scotch mounting tabs.  They’re removable and won’t rip the paint off your walls. Just cut them to whatever size you need. You can also use adhesive putty, or silly putty. Like the mounting tabs, silly putty is also safe on walls.

Fairy&Butterfly AquaBlog

I designed this fairy for light switches but you can put her anywhere—on a dresser corner, a bookshelf corner, an end table, really any corner. How cute would she be sitting on the edge of a birthday party food table?

Fairy&Butterfly MagentaBlog


As for the butterflies, you could stick them all over the walls in a nursery or a girl’s room. Or use them to make the hanging butterflies in the image below. You can find my tutorial for these hanging butterflies here. However you use these stickers, remember to share your images and tag us at @chaivdesign on instagram so we can see your beautiful creations!

Hanging Butterfly Carling White Blog


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