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Christmas is just around the corner and I am really hoping for a white Christmas this year. I love when the snow falls ever so slowly in large clumps of snowflakes and you can catch them with your mittens and study the beautiful snowflake designs. I was always fascinated by how mother nature could create something so beautiful, just from water!

If you’ve been following my projects you may have noticed a pattern by now. I like to turn everything into 3D. So when I created these snowflakes I couldn’t just leave them as 2D cut-outs, I had to give them some dimension. The extra dimension really makes these snowflakes stand out. You have to try making these to see them in person. Once you make one, you’ll want to fill your house with them!

My snowflake SVG bundle includes three different snowflake designs. Each design has three versions: one to make an ornament, the second to make snowflakes that you can use for table decor and the third you can use to make a snowflake garland.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019: I have redesigned all three snowflakes so that the hanging notches integrate with the snowflake designs (see image below). This way you can use one snowflake for all types of decor (garlands, ornaments and table decor) without having to cut out different types of snowflakes. You will find these new designs in a file called “CHAIV Snowflakes Multi-Use”. All original designs are still included.

Snowflake1 12


UPDATE DECEMBER 2018: I have added a second version of one of the snowflake designs to the SVG bundle. You will see this file as “Snowflake 1 Version B”. I was finding that the “hooks” in the design was getting caught in the string when I made garlands out of them. Not a big deal but if you’re making many of these garlands you don’t want to be constantly untangling them!

All Snowflakes Red

Table Decor 2



Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


Cutting Machine
Cardstock Paper
Double Sided Tape with Lining (or glue)
X-acto knife or any sharp point

Here is the snowflake SVG bundle from my shop.

This is a pretty easy project to create. I would say the most time consuming part of this project is cleaning off your cutting mat. The snowflakes are intricate designs so they’ll leave tiny cut outs on your mat. A scraper will be handy for this project but since I don’t have one I use the end of my ruler.


Here is the tutorial…

Step 1: Cut snowflakes

Cut two snowflakes of the same design with your cutting machine. The dotted lines will be your fold lines.

Cut Snowflakes

Step 2: Attach double-sided tape to one snowflake

Cut a small piece of double-sided tape, make sure it’s no wider than the space between the dotted cut lines. Attach it to one snowflake, between the dotted cut lines.

Apply Tape

Step 3: Align second snowflake cut-out on top

Place second snowflake on top and align it with the bottom one.

Align Snowflakes

Step 4: Remove double-sided tape lining

While holding your two aligned snowflakes down, carefully lift up the top snowflake while still keeping it in place and remove the tape lining. I use the tip of my x-acto knife to reach in and peel off the lining.

You can also use glue for this part instead of the double-sided tape.

Press the two snowflakes together.

Remove Tape

Step 5: Tie string to loop

If you’re making an ornament or a garland, tie your string through the loop(s). If you’re making the snowflake table decor you will be skipping this step.

Tie String


Step 6: Fold out the snowflake “wings”

Since these are so intricate, the best way to fold them out is to insert a rigid card or ruler in between the two sides. Fold outwards and repeat with all four sides.

Fold Snowflake

Finished Snowflake

If you’re making a garland, use the snowflake design with the two loops and tie your finished snowflakes together with string using the loops. The garlands you can make from these snowflakes really are stunning. If you’re having a winter wedding these would be beautiful hanging down from the ceiling or use them to create a unique winter photography backdrop.

Garland1 C

Garland1&2 B

Snowflake2 on wood table

Snowflake1 G on wood table

Snowflake3 C on wood table

Hope you enjoy this one and please don’t forget to share your images! Tag us on instagram at @chaivdesign so we can see your creations. We love to see them!


Snowflakes Garland on Black Table

Snowflake 2 with lights