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Angels 3 PanelB

It’s been a while since my last blog post because we’ve been busy settling into our new home in Canada. Now that things have calmed down (and we’ve already had our first snow fall YAY!) I’ve had time to work on some new stuff. This project has been in my drawers for a while, about 2 years actually. I just kept pushing it aside to work on new things, but now finally I’m ready to share it. And just in time for any of you who, like me, loves Christmas and getting ready for it early.

It started as one angel, but I had so much fun designing it I had to do two more. So if you purchase my SVG file you’ll be receiving a set of three different angels with one purchase. They assemble in pretty much the same way as my other hanging decorations, so if you’ve made my other projects this one will be easy for you.

I’m going to be hanging a few of these on our tree this year. I would love a whole tree of these but I just don’t think I’ll have the time or the attention span to make enough for a whole tree. If you do it, please share! They also look pretty hanging in front of a window. The best part is you can make them as big or as small as you wish. Enjoy!

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Cutting Machine
Cardstock Paper
X-Acto Knife or any sharp point
White Glue
Small Paint Brush
Double Sided Tape with Lining
Clear String


and here is the tutorial…

Step 1: Cut angels

Cut two angels of the same design with your cutting machine. My designs include a dotted line at the angels’ wings to help with folding the wings.

Cut Angels

Before going on to Step 2, take one angel and fold the wing back and forth at the dotted line to make the fold line more obvious. This is so when you turn the angel over you can see the fold line, which will be helpful for the next step.

Fold Wing

Step 2: Attach double-sided tape to angel

Cut a small piece of double-sided tape and attach it to the angel with the wing you just folded. I like to attach it right beneath the fold line. This will hold the two angel pieces together during the gluing step.

Tape on Angel

Step 3: Align second angel cut-out on top

Place second angel cut-out on top and align with the bottom one. It’s important that you align them pretty perfectly because it makes for a cleaner looking final product.

Align Angels

Step 4: Remove double-sided tape lining

Once you have the angels aligned, hold them both down firmly so they don’t shift. Then while still holding down firmly, lift the top angel up to reveal the tape underneath. Using the tip of an x-acto knife, or any sharp point, peel off and remove the tape lining to reveal the sticky tape underneath. Press the two angels together.

Remove Tape

Step 5: Glue angel cut-outs together

To apply the glue, lift up the top angel and apply glue starting at the tape area. It’s easiest if you work your way outwards a little at a time, lifting and applying glue as you go.

This is where your tape will come in handy, because it keeps the two angels aligned with each other.

Apply glue

Of course you can always skip the tape step and go right to gluing if you think you can do so and still have your angels align perfectly. I find my white glue dries too fast for me to do it this way. I always end up trying to fix the alignment and finding that I can’t because the angels are already stuck together.

Once you’ve glued the angels together, you can place it in wax paper and let it dry between two heavy books so that it’ll dry flatly. Depending on how large your angel is, you may not need to do this. I make mine pretty small and just let them dry on their own, then if any parts aren’t flat I carefully bend them to flatten them out.

Step 6: Attach clear string for hanging

To attach the hanging string, place the end of your string through the angel’s hanging loop and tie with a knot two or three times.

String double image


Step 7: Open angel wings

Open angel wings as wide or as narrow as you want.

Open wings

TA DA! Your angel is done and ready for hanging.

You can hang these up with some scotch tape. If you don’t like the way scotch tape looks, these toggle hooks work well. They’re meant to be used on walls but I use mine as ceiling hooks.

Angels 3 PanelC

3 Angels double image

Please share your angels and tag us on instagram at @chaivdesign. We love to see how you use them!

DIY Hanging Angels 2

DIY Hanging Angels 1

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