DIY Dragonfly Stickers

Dragonflies don’t get as much love as butterflies when it comes to home decor, but they’re just as beautiful and look magical when you use them in groups. You can create your own stunning dragonfly decor with these DIY Dragonfly Stickers. They’re whimsical and captivating and so easy to make!

DIY Dragonfly Stickers


DIY Dragonfly Stickers

DIY Dragonfly Stickers

The Dragonfly Stickers bundle includes 4 dragonfly designs (bodies differ, wings are all the same) plus additional back wings to create a double-winged design.

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Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


Cutting Machine
Cardstock Paper
Double Sided Tape with Lining
X-Acto Knife or any sharp point

Here are the instructions on how to create your dragonfly stickers…

Step 1: Cut out your dragonflies

With your cutting machine, cut out your dragonflies and the back wings if you are creating the double-winged dragonfly. Your dragonflies will be cut out with dotted lines along the fold lines for the wings, so you won’t need to score the wings like I did in the image below.

Dragonfly SVG


Step 2: Add adhesive

If you’re creating the single-winged dragonflies, you’re pretty much done! All you need is some adhesive. My favorite adhesive to use on my walls is silly putty. It’s so easy to re-use and if you’re creating a large mural of dragonflies you want an adhesive that will let you move the dragonflies around easily.

Dragonfly art


If you’d like to create the double-winged dragonflies, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Add double-sided tape to the back wing

Add a piece of double-sided tape to the center of the back wings.

Dragonfly cricut silhouette


Then align the dragonfly on top of the back wing.

DIY Dragonfly Wall Stickers


Step 3: Remove the tape lining

Peel open the top dragonfly while keeping it in position. Using an x-acto knife or any sharp object, reach in to remove the tape lining, then press the dragonfly onto the back wings.

Dragonfly Wings


Do the same with the dragonflies that are in profile design.

One Wing Apply Tape

One Wing Peel Tape

That’s it! Remember to fold the wings up so they’ll really stand out when you put them up. If you add these dragonflies to your home decor, please remember to tag us on instagram at @chaivdesign. We love to see your designs!


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DIY Dragonfly Stickers

DIY Dragonfly Stickers

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DIY Dragonfly Stickers

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DIY Dragonfly Stickers


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