Abigail butterfly sticker SVG

DIY Abigail Butterfly Sticker

Here is another butterfly sticker that I created specifically for tea staining. If you’ve seen my other posts then you know that I have a fondness for tea staining paper. I call this butterfly design Abigail.

Similar to my Prairie Butterfly Stickers, I tea stain the top layer of this Abigail butterfly and leave the bottom layer white. However with this butterfly I added an extra middle layer so you can add some color to it, as you can see with the green and pink tea stained butterflies below.

Tea stained Abigail butterfly stickers, green
Tea stained Abigail butterfly stickers on wall
Tea stained Abigail butterflies in pink set
Abigail butterflies pink set

You can use this butterfly to decorate walls or for any craft project. I made the wreath below with a few Abigail butterflies and some bud stems from my Willow Leaves Set.

Abigail butterfly diy wreath
Pink Abigail butterflies as wall stickers
Tea stained butterflies, green set on wall with picture frame and plant

Of course you can also make this butterfly without the tea staining. You can play around with different colors for each wing layer to come up with pretty schemes.

Abigail butterfly stickers in black and blue
Abigail butterfly stickers in purple

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Follow the steps below to create my Abigail butterfly.


Abigail Butterfly Sticker Design
Cutting Machine
White Cardstock Paper
Double-Sided Tape
Small Paint Brush
Tea bag (Orange Pekoe, any brand)
Boiling Water
Sticky Putty or Restickable Tabs (for adhering to walls)

Step 1: Cut your butterflies

Cut out all layers of the Abigail butterfly. There should be 3 layers for each butterfly.

All pieces you need to create Abigail butterfly

Regarding the wing fold lines: my file is set up so each butterfly piece will be cut with dotted fold lines along the edges where the body meets the wings in each piece, like in the image below. I’ve had a few people tell me that this line shows up as a solid cut line in their software. If this happens in your SVG just change it back to a dotted cut line or keep the solid line and set your machine to score those lines if it has that capability.

You can also just completely delete these lines from all your butterfly pieces and create the score lines by hand. I prefer to do this because I like the cleaner fold it gives you. I create my score lines with a bone folder and a ruler. If you don’t have a scoring tool you can use the back of a butter knife or use the end of a knitting or crochet needle as long as they’re not too sharp.

Wing fold line of butterfly

Step 2: Tea stain the top wing layer

The next step is to tea stain the top wing layer of your butterfly. You can use any Orange Pekoe tea bag. Here is my video on how to tea stain paper:

Below are the wing layers you should end up with after tea staining. We won’t be using the white version of the tea stained piece in the image below. I just kept it in here so you could see the original versus the tea stained piece.

Tea stained layer of Abigail Butterfly

Step 3: Apply tape to butterflies

After your tea stained piece has dried, cut out small pieces of double-sided tape and stick it onto the spines of the largest and smallest wing pieces, like below. So the tea stained piece does not need any tape on it. I use double sided tape with lining on it but that’s not necessary for this butterfly design.

Apply tape to butterfly pieces

Step 4: Attach second wing to bottom wing

Attach the second wing layer, or in this case the colored layer, to the bottom wing layer. They should line up nicely along their center spines.

Attach second wing of butterfly

Step 5: Attach tea stained wing

Now take your tea stained layer and stick it on top of the first two wings you created in the previous step. Notice the butterfly’s head and body are on this layer so you can line it up to the center of the wings where your tape should be.

Attach top wing of butterfly sticker

And that’s it—your Abigail butterfly sticker is done!

Abigail butterfly sticker in hand
Green Abigail butterfly stickers

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