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Easter Egg Decoration: Sunflower Wrap

I love designing Easter crafts because it means Spring is right around the corner. Here is an Easter Egg Sunflower wrap I created with big, bright Sunflowers—the perfect welcome to Spring.

Easter egg decorating kit
Easter Egg Sunflower Wrap

This is my third egg wrap in my collection. Last year I designed a Leaf Wrap, and a Poppy Wrap, both of which became my bestselling designs in the month of March. You guys really like egg wraps! You can purchase each wrap individually or get all 3 wraps in a special bundle price.

Easter Egg Poppy Wrap
easter egg sunflower wrap svg, decoupage easter egg

If Sunflowers aren’t your vibe, it’s easy to make these in different colors and just call them daisies or coneflowers. They’re just as cute in other colors!

Easter eggs with sunflowers

Here are the parts that make up this Sunflower egg wrap. The main wrap is made up of leaves and stalks. Each Sunflower is made up of two petal pieces and one black center. Once you glue the main wrap on, you then glue on the individual Sunflowers. It’s that easy! Scroll down for my video tutorial when you’re ready to make your Sunflower Easter eggs.

Sunflower egg wrap svg cut
Sunflower Egg Wrap Cutouts


  1. This Sunflower Egg Wrap was designed to fit Extra Large size eggs. The original size of my wrap is approximately 4″ x 4″, so if your imported SVG is in a vastly different size please resize to these dimensions. Remember to resize your Sunflowers at the same time. If your egg is smaller than North American Extra Large Eggs size, your wrap may just overlap in some spots.
  2. The green paper in my video is 80lb cardstock, which works fine but takes a little more work to get the leaves to lay flat on my egg. The best paper weight for this project is 60 to 65lb cardstock.
  3. If your eggs are in the fridge, leave them out for about 30 minutes to reach room temperature. This way you won’t have moisture from the condensation interfering with your glue.
  4. You can use regular white glue or Mod Podge for this project.


Easter Egg Sunflower Wrap SVG
Cutting Machine
60lb or 65lb Cardstock Paper
Mod Podge or White Glue
Small Paint Brush
Bowl For Glue

Video Tutorial:

I hope you enjoy this project! Follow my Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign for daily posts of my designs.

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