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This is my second hanging butterfly design (Click here for hanging butterfly No.1). I call it a butterfly but I was actually inspired by the beautiful Luna Moth when I created this. I made the wing pattern separate pieces so that I could create the intertwining in the wing tails, just to add more depth to it. And a bonus to having multiple pieces to this butterfly is you can add more colors.

With this download, you also have the option of creating butterfly stickers rather than hanging butterflies. Just make sure you cut the butterfly without the hole in it’s head (included in files) to create these stickers. Click here to purchase this butterfly design.

HangBut No2 Stickers 1

HangBut No2 Stickers 2


Here is the tutorial to create the hanging butterfly:


Cutting Machine
Cardstock Paper (Two colors)
Double Sided Tape with Lining
Clear String

Click here to purchase this butterfly design.


Step 1: Cut butterflies

Cut two butterflies and four wing pattern pieces. Make sure you cut the butterfly in the file that has a hole in it’s head, so you can attach string to it later. The butterfly without the hole is an option for creating wall stickers.

Cut butterflies

Step 2: Apply double-sided tape to wing patterns

Apply double-sided tape to the backs of each wing pattern piece, along their inner edges. You should have four in total. I use double-sided tape with lining, which is why my tape looks white in the images. Once you’re ready to attach these pieces, you remove the white lining.

Taped butterflies Closeup

Taped butterflies

Step 3: Tape wing pattern pieces to butterflies

Align and tape down the wing pattern pieces to the main butterflies. Line up the edges of each wing pattern piece with the dotted fold lines of your butterflies. Do this with all four wing pattern pieces.

Attach pattern

Attach pattern 2

Two Butterflies

Then maneuver the wing pattern ends so that they wrap around the wing tails of your main butterflies like in the following image.

Wing bottoms

Step 4: Apply double-sided tape to one butterfly

Flip one butterfly over and apply a piece of double-sided tape along the center body.

Tape on Butterfly

Step 5: Tape the two butterflies together.

Align the two butterflies on top of each other.


Once you have the butterflies aligned to each other, hold them down so they don’t move while peeling open the top butterfly to reveal the double-sided tape. Using an x-acto knife or any sharp tool, remove the lining on the double-sided tape then press the two butterflies together.

Obviously this only works if you are using the double-sided tape with lining. If your tape doesn’t have lining just tape the two butterflies together as accurately as you can. I use this method to ensure perfect alignment because I do this for customers. But don’t worry, if your butterflies aren’t perfectly aligned, it will not affect how they hang.

Peel Tape.jpg

Step 6: Tie String to Butterfly

I punched this hole on my butterfly manually but your butterfly hole should already be cut by your cutting machine. This is the hole you will be tying your string on.



Pass your string through the hole. Then place a small paint brush or a pencil over your string, like in the images below. Any small, cylindrical object will work here. We are using it to create a loop with the string.



Tie your string around the paint brush. I like to use three knots to ensure a secure hold.

Tied String


Once your knot is secured, remove the paint brush and you will be left with a loop. I like the loop because it lets the butterfly hang straight. When you tie your string directly around the paper, it can sometimes dig into the paper and causes the string to hang a little lopsided.


Step 7: Open Wings

Open butterfly wings along fold lines.

Open Wings

Hang and enjoy!

Finished Butterfly


Gold Teal and Grass

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