Commercial License For Small Business



A commercial license that allows you to sell the physical form of any of my designs. Please purchase one commercial license for EACH design you would like to create and sell. See Description below for more detail or send me an email ( if you have any questions.


Start your own small business with my designs! If you would like to sell physical items made from any of my digital designs you must purchase this license with the purchase of each design. Please ensure you read and understand these terms completely before purchasing. Your purchase of this license is proof that you agree to the following terms and legally executes this contract.

Upon purchasing this license, please send me a message via email ( indicating which design this license applies to.

This commercial license applies to ONE design from my collection. You MUST purchase a license for each design you are planning to use commercially. It covers all items within each design file you purchase, so if you purchase a design file that has three different designs in it, this license covers all three designs.

With this license the purchaser is granted permission to produce up to 500 physical products from my digital designs for retail purposes only. (Please contact me for wholesale inquiries). You may produce products without giving credit to Chaiv.

You may not upload designs to Print On Demand sites such as, but not limited to, Zazzle, Red Bubble, Society6, Spoonflower or any similar sites.


NO DIGITAL SALES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED WITH MY DESIGNS. Digital files are covered under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and therefore are not to be shared, sold, or given away under any circumstances.

You may not alter, modify, add or replace elements or incorporate the design into another graphic in order to avoid these license terms.

Your receipt is proof of execution of this commercial license agreement.

This is a no credit and non-exclusive commercial license.

If you’re interested in selling more than 500 physical items produced from my design, please contact me directly at for a special license. Please include expected volume and a description of the end item being sold.

If you have purchased any of my designs previously and would like to purchase this license for those designs, please indicate in Note to Seller which previously purchased design this license applies to. You do not need to re-purchase the designs with this license.

2 thoughts on “Commercial License For Small Business

  1. Hi I live in North wales in the 🇬🇧 UK. if I decide I wanted to use your designs would the Commercial License protect me .. I have a circuit machine brand new never used sat up stairs in the box. And really need to look making a living from home due to cancer.. ones you have purchased the license.. is it a one off payment thank you for your time

    1. Hi Sylvia. A commercial license covers one design from my collection. So if you are interested in making and selling 3 of my designs, you would need to purchase 3 commercial licenses. I hope that answers your question. Thank you for your interest. Let me know if I can help with anything else. I wish you all the best with your health❤️ Vin

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