DIY Easter Craft: Baby Angels

Baby Angels Post Intro Image

Just in time for Easter! These adorable baby angels stand on their own so they make great Easter decorations. Set them around your Easter table or use them as place settings. You can also add them to your Easter baskets this year for a personal touch.

As a bonus——keep their little hands unglued and you can use them as name card holders like the angel below.

Girl Angel Mint

They are the perfect Easter craft for kids or even toddlers!

Visit my SVG Files Shop to purchase the SVG file of these angels.

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Baby Angels SVG
Cutting Machine
Cardstock Paper
White Glue
Small Paint Brush

Baby Angels Materials

Step 1: Cut Angels

Cut two angels out with a cutting machine or by hand. You will get a smoother cut with a machine but as I’ve said before, hand-cutting works too. You will need two of the same angel cut-out.

Two baby angels cut out

The angels in my SVG file include dotted cut lines for folding.

Baby Angels Dotted Lines

Step 2: Apply glue

Apply glue to one angel. Make sure you get right to the edges. If you use my cut files, I’ve included a PDF that shows you the area where glue should go. Basically avoid putting glue on the wings and leg area, which is designated by the dotted cut lines. Remember if you are using these to hold name cards, don’t put glue on the hands.

Baby Angels Glue

Step 3: Align and put two angel cut-outs together

Once your glue is applied, take your second angel and stick it on top. At this point I like to take the angel into my hands and make the necessary adjustments to get them both aligned. If you’re using white glue it should still be wet enough to slide and adjust the paper around. It dries pretty fast though so try to do this quickly.

Baby Angels Align

Step 4: Open wings and legs

Open the wings and legs along the dotted lines. Just a side note: I like to let my angels dry between wax paper and underneath heavy books before opening them up. You end up with a flatter body this way since the glue will sometimes warp the angel’s body if you let it dry freely. I’ve done both methods and the warping is not extreme so either way will work.

Baby Angels Fold

Baby Angels Finished

and that’s it!

Circle Angels2

Girl Angel Yellow

Boy Angel Blue

Hope you enjoyed this one. However you use these precious angels, remember to share your images and tag us at @chaivdesign on instagram so we can see your beautiful creations!

Baby Girl Angel Pink

Baby Boy Angel Blue1

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