Easter Egg Decoration Tea Stain Leaf Wrap

Easter Egg Decoration: Tea Stained Leaf Wraps

Here is another Easter Egg decoration that I made by tea staining my Easter Egg Leaf Wraps. I love how these turned out so now I’m bummed that Easter eggs aren’t used to decorate our homes all year haha. Maybe I’ll découpage these leaf wraps to a white planter or a decorative bowl, then I can display this look in my house all year. Tea staining is great if you’re going for a neutral look. And the antique effect is popular now with rustic farmhouse decor being so popular.

Tea stained leaf wraps on Easter Eggs
Easter Egg decoration tea stained wraps

Below are some tips for making these eggs. Scroll down further to see my video on how to tea stain your paper and my video on how to glue your leaf wrap to your egg.

You can purchase my leaf wrap here if you’d like to try making these eggs.


  1. I used white, 60lb card stock to cut my leaf wrap. The leaf wrap has some delicate parts so instead of holding them in my hand to tea stain them, like I do in my tea staining video, I laid them on some paper while I brushed the tea onto them.
  2. Let your tea stained leaf wrap completely dry before gluing it to your egg so you don’t risk ripping it when you apply your glue. If any parts do rip off, just glue them back directly onto your egg.
  3. The leaf wraps in my eggs all have 3 layers of tea stain. For my first layer, I covered the whole leaf wrap. Then for my second and third layers I just dabbed the tea on to get a more spotty, rustic look.

Here is my video on how to tea stain your paper:

And here is my video on how to glue your leaf wrap to your egg:

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