Ruby throated hummingbird svg, hummingbird design

Hummingbird Decoration

Our beautiful Spring weather (except for a blip of snow yesterday😬) has me excited to get out into the garden and start planting again. Here is a hummingbird decoration I designed for you to bring Spring into your home.

It’s hard not to feel joy when you see a hummingbird. The way they hover and move in all directions reminds me of a remote control helicopter my kids use to play with. Here in Ontario the most common hummingbird is the Ruby-throated hummingbird. When the sun hits them at just the right angle, their red throats and green feathers shine like brilliant jewels.

Hummingbird decoration SVG, ruby throated hummingbird
Back of hummingbird decoration

I designed this hummingbird decoration based on the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but you can create any hummingbird you want with it. Since it’s made up of multiple parts (see image below), every part of this hummingbird can be covered in your choice of colors, even the beak!

Just one note about the image below: the wonky black circular cutout in the center was cut by hand. You won’t find it in the design file because it’s just one tiny shape so I didn’t think it was worth cutting by machine. It’ll be used to fill in the hummingbird’s eye.

hummingbird parts, cutouts, template
Purple hummingbird decoration with flower
orange hummingbird decoration

Don’t be intimidated by all the parts of this hummingbird—this is a pretty easy project. Once you have all your parts cut out, putting the hummingbird together takes less than 10 minutes. Scroll down below for my video tutorial to see how to make this hummingbird.

Here are a few notes before you get started on assembling your hummingbird:

  1. I generally use 60lb to 80lb (163gsm to 216gsm) card stock paper for all my projects but for this hummingbird I used glitter paper, which tends to be thicker. In my video you’ll see a tip on how to get cleaner fold lines with thick paper. Not an absolute must but if you’re an obnoxious perfectionist like me you’ll like this tip.
  2. If the dotted fold lines (green lines) in the SVG file are importing into your software as solid lines, make sure you change them back to dotted lines before cutting. You can also use solid lines for scoring if you have this feature on your machine.
  3. The hummingbird in the design file is about 7″ from beak to tail and wing to tail. If you resize it, remember to also resize the other pieces.
  4. You don’t have to use all the parts of this hummingbird, but keep in mind that leaving any parts off may cause your hummingbird to hang at a different angle. For example in the yellow hummingbird below, I left the tail pieces off because I liked the white that I had used for the main hummingbird cutout. Notice how it hangs more horizontally than the hummingbirds in the images above. (This is because there is less weight to pull the tail down)
hummingbird svg, yellow

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Hummingbird SVG
Cutting Machine
60lb or 65lb Cardstock Paper and Glitter Cardstock Paper
X-Acto Knife
Double-Sided Tape
White Glue
Small Paint Brush
Bowl For Glue

Video Tutorial:

I hope you liked this hummingbird decoration! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign to see my daily posts. I often post my designs in different colors and give sneak peaks of upcoming designs so follow along if you would like to see what I’m working on. Thank you for your support!

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