decoupage planter with tea stained paper fern leaves

Decoupage Tutorial: Plastic Planter

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Here’s a project that’s a little different from what you’re used to seeing from me. I dabbled with decoupage for my Easter Egg wraps and for this project I’m using it to create this beautiful planter with my tea-stained Fern leaves.

If you’re not familiar with decoupage, it’s the art of decorating objects with paper—essentially by gluing paper onto the objects. For my Easter Eggs I used plain white glue but for this project I’m using Mod Podge, which is a glue made specifically for decoupage.

mod podge, paint brush and small bowl. Materials for decoupage tutorial.
decoupage plaster plant pot with tea stained paper fern leaves svg


If you’re a plant person you have to check out these incredible 7.5" planter“>7.5” planter but they come in other sizes which I’ll link below. My fern leaves come in a few sizes and you can cut them down to shorter leaves if you’re working with smaller planters.

white plastic plant pots for decoupage with drainage holes and tray from amazon
7.5 Inch Cream White Plant Pots


I tea-stained my Fern leaves before decoupaging them onto my planter but really any color would be pretty. Black Fern leaves would be quite striking and bright orange would create a very modern look. I’m tempted to try cream white Fern leaves to get a textured effect. If you try this project, please feel free to share your images with me (Instagram and Pinterest is @chaivdesign and email I’d love to see the different planters you create!

tea stained paper fern leaves svg
Decoupage tea stained paper fern leaves on plastic flower pot

Below is a link to my tea-staining video and you can purchase my Fern leaves here if you want to recreate this planter. If you haven’t seen my other posts, here are some other projects you can create with this Fern leaves set.


One aspect I’m not familiar with for decoupage is how to waterproof your final product. dishwasher safe version“>dishwasher safe version which sounds fantastic but I haven’t tried it out yet. You could also spray your finished planter with a watering can“>watering can that has a long thin spout so I rarely get water on my planter. When I do get it wet I just quickly wipe it off so the water doesn’t settle into the Decoupage plastic planter pot with Calathea prayer plant

Decoupage plastic pot with Begonia
Alocasia plant inside decoupage planter with fern leaves
peperomia plant in decoupage planter pots
Fern inside decoupage plastic planter

So pretty right? Plants make everything better! Now let me show you how I make this planter.


Cutting Machine
Fern Leaves SVG Set
7.5 Inch Planters (you can also use smaller planters like this">6.5" planter set6.5 inch planter set or this">mixed size planter setmixed size planter set)
Mod Podge and Small Paintbrush

Video Tutorial:

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