SVG place card fairy on party table

DIY Place Card Fairy

Here’s a fairy design that’ll make your fairy party guests feel special—a place card fairy! Imagine the look on your mini guests’ faces when they see this sweet fairy holding their names. And as a bonus they can take their fairies home as a party favor. One less thing you have to plan!

Of course names aren’t the only cards this fairy can display. You can use her to display food labels or sweet little messages. And when the party’s over she’ll look beautiful sitting on a side table in a bedroom.

Place Card Fairy SVG
Pink Place Card Fairy SVG
place card fairies on party table

I designed this fairy so that you can use different colors for her body and wings. If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that I’ve just recently started using glitter paper and I absolutely love it for this project. I’ll put a link in the materials list below for the glitter paper I use. It’s a nice thick cardstock and the glitter doesn’t come off the paper.

In this fairy download I’ve also included name card templates in a PDF and a Microsoft Word document. If you need to alter the name cards for longer names or messages, you can do so using the Word document. This is my first time posting editable text files so if you have any issues with it, send me an email ( and I’m happy to help. Nowadays with everyone using different devices and different software, it’s getting harder to create downloads that work for everyone. But we will get it working for you!

Here are a few notes before you get started on assembling your place card fairy:

  1. In your download you will see 2 folders, Place Card Fairy CUTOUTS and Place Card Fairy DESIGN. Use the SVG file in the CUTOUTS folder to cut your fairy pieces. You can use either the outline version or the solid version. The files in the DESIGN folder are just a bonus that you can use if you want to print the fairy out on signs or T-shirts etc.
  2. If the dotted fold lines in the SVG file are importing into your software as solid lines, make sure you change them back to dotted lines before cutting. You can also use solid lines for scoring if you have this feature on your machine. For this fairy the lines at the base of her wings and between her skirt and legs should be dotted lines.
  3. This fairy is about 4.5″ tall from head to base and 5.5″ tall from top of her wing to base. If you resize her, remember to resize all the cutouts.
  4. The SVG file in the folder labeled CUTOUTS is the file you’ll be using to cut your fairy pieces. The files in the folder labeled DESIGN has a flat design of the fairy for purposes like printing. It does not include all the fairy pieces.
  5. The cutouts below are the basic parts you’ll need to make each fairy. You’ll essentially be creating two flat fairies and then attaching them together to get the 3D wings. In your SVG you’ll see some additional parts to what’s shown in the image below. All the parts create the same fairy but you can choose which parts to use depending on the color combos you want to create. Important: If you’re using one-sided paper, like glitter paper, when you cut out your second fairy’s parts make sure you flip them over in your software so that they are mirror images of your first fairy’s cutouts, like below.

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Place Card Fairy SVG
Cutting Machine
60lb or 65lb Cardstock Paper and Glitter Cardstock Paper
X-Acto Knife
Double-Sided Tape
White Glue
Small Paint Brush
Bowl For Glue

Video Tutorial:

I hope you enjoy this fairy! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign to see my daily posts. I often post my designs in different colors and give sneak peeks of upcoming designs so follow along if you would like to see what I’m working on. Thank you for your support!

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