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DIY Fall Wreath

We are in full end-of-summer mode here with house guests and weekend getaways, but I had a little bit of time to make this fall wreath and I just wanted to show you a quick video on how I put it together. I used my Willow Leaves Set and Abigail Butterfly sticker for this wreath, both of which I tea stained. The tea staining gives this wreath a beautiful dried foliage look so it’ll go nicely with your fall decor.

Besides the leaf and butterfly cutouts, the only materials you’ll need is a wreath hoop and a hot glue gun. I used a 12″ wreath hoop I made myself out of wild grapevines. You can use any natural wreath hoop—if your hoop is thicker in girth then you’ll just need more leaves and butterflies.

Grapevine natural wreath hoop

Below are the cutouts I used for this wreath. Any brown colored paper you see is tea-stained and the other color I used is a Mint 65lb cardstock. Here is a link to my tutorial on how to assemble my Abigail butterfly sticker.

Willow leaves and butterfly paper cutouts

You can see my video on how to tea stain paper cutouts here:

And here is a quick look at how I assemble all the parts of this wreath:

I hope you enjoyed this one! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign for daily photos and sneak peeks at my upcoming designs. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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