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DIY Red and Gold Christmas Wreath

On my last blog post I showed you all the gold projects I’m using for my Christmas decorations this year. After working with all that gold I wanted to try something with color so here is a red and gold Christmas wreath I made on a whim. Here it is hanging on my white closet door—beautiful, simple and so festive!

red and gold christmas wreath svg, christmas door wreath
Red and gold Christmas Wreath SVG, DIY Christmas Wreath Cricut project

Here’s a version of the wreath with my Prairie butterflies:

diy red and gold christmas wreath svg, with butterflies
Butterfy stickers svg, prairie butterflies on wreath

I actually made this wreath with the butterflies first, then decided I wanted to simplify it so I removed the butterflies. If you watch my tutorial video below you’ll see the whole process. I prefer the wreath without the butterflies but in my video I show you how to make both versions so you can choose to make whichever one you like. The leaf designs and butterflies you’ll need to make these two wreaths are both available as complete sets in my shop. One is the Willow and Fern Leaves SVG and the other is the Fern Leaves and Butterflies SVG.

For my wreath hoop I used a 9″ grapevine hoop that I made myself. I have wild grapes growing like a weed all around my house so I just cut some down and then took one vine and circled it around itself about 3 times, then just tucked the ends in. To make sure it doesn’t unravel you can hot glue the ends down. You can find grapevine on Amazon if you’d like to make your own hoops—I’ll add a link below in my Materials list. I really like making it myself because you can control the size and the thickness.

grapevine wreath hoop

For paper I used a red 60lb cardstock for the red Willow leaves and a white 60 lb cardstock for the butterflies. The shiny gold cardstock is Kodamaa paper which is the same paper I used in my previous projects.

Here is my list of materials and my video tutorial if you’d like to try making this red and gold Christmas wreath:

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Fern Leaves and Butterflies SVG or Willow and Fern Leaves SVG
Red Cardstock (60 lb)
White Cardstock (60 lb)
Kodamaa Gold Cardstock
Grapevine for wreath hoop
Double-sided tape
Hot Glue

Video Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this holiday project! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign to see my daily posts and sneak peeks of upcoming designs. Thank you for your support!

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