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DIY Christmas Decorations: Gold Gold Gold

Gold is the color scheme I’ve picked this year for my Christmas decorations. For whatever reason I’ve always been anti-gold. If I had a choice between gold and silver, it was always silver. But I’ve been warming up to gold in the last few years and this year I’m fully embracing it.

My favorite gold cardstock to use on my projects is Kodamaa paper. This gold paper is top-notch in every way and I’ve been trying to find more information about the company but strangely there isn’t any information that I can find. It’s shinier than any other gold cardstock I’ve used and it’s the perfect hue of gold—not too yellow, not too washed out. And it’s perfect for cutting machines because the gold never flakes off at the edges. The only thing I wish is that it was two-sided. If you know of any double-sided gold cardstock, let me know in the comments. And even though we’re going all gold here, I should mention the Kodamaa silver cardstock is also really pretty and great quality.

So here is a rundown of all the Christmas decorations I’ve made in gold this year.


Here is some garland I made with my 3D Snowflakes. These snowflakes are not new in my collection but every year they are my bestseller so I’ve finally made a tutorial video for them. You can see my original tutorial for the snowflakes here.

Gold snowflake garland, 3d snowflake svg
gold christmas garland made with 3d snowflake ornaments

3D Snowflakes Video Tutorial:

Gold Snowflake Garland – Quick Look


This is a Christmas wreath I made with Cedar Leaves, which is my newest design. I used the same Kodamaa gold cardstock as with the snowflake garland. Here is the original blog post on this wreath.

Gold christmas wreath made with paper cedar leaves
gold christmas wreath hanging on wall
gold paper cedar leaves

Gold Cedar Leaves Wreath Video – Quick Look


This is another one of my new designs this year — Christmas Lanterns. For these lanterns I did not use the gold Kodamaa paper. I used this gold cardstock which, quality-wise, is just as good as Kodamaa but it’s not as shiny. I went with a lower shine gold for photography purposes. The lanterns have a large flat surface area that would be like mirrors with the Kodamaa paper and I don’t have the photography skills to prevent a reflection of myself from showing up in every photo. Click here for my full tutorial for these lanterns.

Gold hanging christmas lanterns for christmas decor
diy christmas lanterns lit with led tealights, svg

Christmas Lanterns Video – Quick Look


And last on my gold DIY Christmas decorations this year are these gold Woodland trees, also made with the lower-shine gold cardstock. These trees turned out to be so pretty and I peppered the gold trees amongst some white and green trees which made a beautiful color combo. Here is my tutorial for the Woodland Trees.

diy woodland christmas trees in gold. Christmas svg
Ceramic house surrounded by Woodland Paper Trees

Gold Christmas Trees Video – Quick Look

So far these are the projects I’ve done for my gold theme but I’m planning on doing another wreath of some sort, I’m thinking something with gold and red or dark green…stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed this glance at my Christmas projects. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign for daily posts and sneak peeks at upcoming projects. Happy holidays!

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