White Fern Leaves Paper Wreath for Christmas Holiday Decorations

DIY Christmas Fern Wreath

It’s wreath-making season so here’s a Christmas Fern wreath I made with my Fern leaves and I’m so happy with how it turned out—simple and festive! You don’t have to limit your wreaths to door hangings, look how stylish it looks wrapped around the base of this candlestick:

Christmas fern wreath decorating candlestick for Christmas table decor

My Fern leaves set includes 6 Fern leaves and for this wreath I used the two smallest leaves. I also cut the stems off each leaf.

Paper fern leaf cutouts
Two white paper fern leaves cut with Cricut machine.

For my wreath hoop I used an 8.5 inch grapevine hoop. For a hoop this size you’ll need about 35 fern leaves.

Grapevine wreath hoop.

To glue my leaves onto my hoop, I used a hot glue gun. Make sure to angle each leaf so that they’re at about a 45 degree angle from your wreath hoop.

Hot glue being used to glue paper fern leaf onto wreath hoop

Also stagger your leaves so that some are pointing outside your hoop and others are pointing inside like this:

Staggering leaves on wreath hoop

When you reach the end of your wreath, lift up the first few leaves already glued on, and tuck your last leaves underneath.

Tucking fern leaves at end of wreath making

Then to finish off, curl up each leaf with your fingers to add some depth to your wreath.

Curling paper fern leaves

And that’s it! For hanging you can use fishing line or nylon string.

Holiday fern wreath made with Cricut
Hanging white paper fern wreath for holiday decor

Here’s a short video on how I put my wreath together:

I hope you enjoy making this Christmas Fern wreath! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign to see my daily posts and sneak peeks of upcoming designs. Thank you for all your support!

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