Two stained glass fairies on window

DIY Stained Glass Fairy

Create the look of beautiful stained glass with this stained glass fairy craft that will add bright colors to your space. You can mimic the look of real stained glass using tissue paper or cellophane sheets. In this post I’ll show you how to make a stained glass fairy with cellophane. Visit my other post here to see how to create stained glass with tissue paper.

Stained glass fairy paper craft window display

Because it’s so easy to do, this fairy craft would make a fun birthday party activity for your guests. You can precut all the pieces so your guests just need to do the gluing. Since they’ll get to take their fairy home, this can also double as your party favor. A nice break from dollar store gift bags😆.

Glue on fairy wings for creating stained glass effect

A small surprise with this fairy design is that you can also make a 3D hanging fairy. This is done essentially by attaching two fairy cutouts together, which I’ll show you in more detail in my tutorial video below.

Stained glass fairy SVG
White stained glass fairy with cellophane


The cellophane I use for this project comes in a pack of multiple sheets in varying colors. You can cut out your cellophane pieces by hand or with your cutting machine. Just be aware that on one side of the cellophane the color can come off, so make sure you’re placing your cellophane sheets down on your cutting mat with this side facing up and away from the sticky mat.

Also cellophane is very thin so make sure you have your blade at the correct pressure setting. Cellophane is very similar to acetate, however acetate is usually a lot thicker than cellophane. So if your machine has an acetate setting it’s best to do a test cut first because it may be too much blade pressure for the cellophane. It’ll cut your cellophane however the cut may also go through to your mat.

If you get any marker or glue on your cellophane, it can be easily wiped off with a damp paper towel.

Cellophane sheets for stained glass craft

Here are the parts that make up this stained glass fairy design:

Stained glass fairy cutouts

When you’re ready to make your stained glass fairy, scroll down to my video tutorial below.

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Stained Glass Fairy SVG
Cutting Machine
60lb or 65lb Cardstock Paper
Double Sided Tape
Scotch Sticky Tabs
Tacky Glue
Small Paint Brush
Marker For Tracing

Video Tutorial

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