Tissue Paper Stained glass fairy

How to Create Stained Glass With Tissue Paper

Creating a stained glass effect with tissue paper is a fool proof technique so it’s a great craft to do with young children. If you’ve made crafts involving paper maché or découpage, then you’ll be familiar with the technique used here. In my video below I’ll be using my Stained Glass Fairy design as my template. If you’re using another design, just make sure you cut your template out of cardstock paper.

In my fairy design, the cutouts in the wings where we’ll be applying the tissue paper are pretty small so covering them with tissue paper is easy. If you’re using a template with very large cutouts, you may need to cover them with clear acetate or cellophane first before applying the tissue paper. This will give the tissue paper something to adhere to.


Template With Cutouts (Stained Glass Fairy SVG)
Tissue Paper
White Glue
Small Paint Brush
Bowl For Glue
Scotch Sticky Tabs (For adhering your art to windows)
Clear Acetate (Optional)

Video Tutorial

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