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DIY Heart Lantern & Photo Frame

Here’s a fun craft for Valentine’s Day, a heart shaped lantern that also doubles as a picture frame! Just a warning though, this is not a 5 minute craft. I feel like I say that a lot with each of my projects?. My video tutorial is over 20 minutes long (sorry!) so that should tell you the extent of this project. It also could very well be that my video editing skills are lacking. This whole video editing thing is still very new to me so please bare with me as I learn the ropes.

To light your lantern, use a Flameless LED Tea Light. If you have never used one, here are the ones I use. They are battery powered and they flicker just like a real candle. Please whatever you do, do not use a real candle. This lantern is made of paper so it is flammable.

Before you’re scared away by how long this lantern takes to make (about an hour), just look at the result—you get a lantern AND a photo holder!

DIY Heart Lantern and Photo Frame in Magenta with photo of kids

I just gave one away to my in-laws who are in a Covid lock down at their retirement home. It’s really the perfect Valentine’s gift for grandparents because they get a photo of family and they would be delighted at getting a handmade gift. There are a few parts you can get your kids to help with, which would make it all the more special.

I made another one for my son with our pup on it, which he now uses as a night light.

Heart lantern in pink with dog photo
Heart Lantern in blue with baby photo

If you look at the hearts in the center of the two lanterns above, you may notice they are two different sizes. I wanted to give you some flexibility with the photo sizes you would need. The viewable area on the large heart is about 2.75″ wide and on the small heart it’s 1.75″ wide.

You also have the option to leave the cutouts in your lantern open rather than covering them with tissue paper. The effect is pretty neat when you let the shadows bounce off your walls.

DIY Heart lantern and photo frame lit up with shadows on walls
Heart lantern & photo frame in gold
Lantern made with gold cardstock
DIY Heart Lantern Black with open cutous

I hope you give this project a chance. The finished lantern just feels so good in your hands. It’s hard to describe but I keep holding it in my hands and I almost want to throw it around like a ball. You’ll have to tell me if you get the same inclination or I’m just cray cray.

Also I want to mention that it’s possible to make this lantern if you don’t own a cutting machine. You can print, cut and score the templates by hand since they’re made up of simple straight lines.

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Heart Lantern & Photo Frame Design Files
Cutting Machine or Scissors
Cardstock Paper
Tissue Paper (if making closed lantern)
White Glue
Small Paint Brush

Follow along with my video tutorial to create your lantern:

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