DIY Valentine Bud Wreath, valentine wreath svg, paper wreath

DIY Valentine Bud Wreath

DIY Valentine wreath, paper valentine wreath svg, pink

Here’s a Valentine wreath I made for a Valentine’s Day decoration. I love the wispiness of this wreath and how eye-catching it is in its simplicity. If you’re not big on Valentine’s Day decor, this wreath could work just as well in any color. I would love to see it made in full white or icy blue for winter decor or you could make it in green for spring. So many possibilities!

The SVG file for these bud stems can be found in two different leaf sets from my collection—the Fern Leaves Set and the Willow Leaves Set. The difference between the two sets is the Fern Leaves Set includes some fern leaves and the Willow Leaves Set does not have fern leaves. If you’d like to see how I made a wreath with the Fern Leaves Set, you can see it in this post.

If you’re just interested in making this bud wreath, or my Willow Wreath, then the Willow Leaves Set is the one you’ll want to purchase. Below are the leaves you’ll get with the Willow Leaves Set. For this wreath we’ll only be using the bud stems. Notice the bud stems include one long stem and two shorter stems.

willow leaves and bud stems cutouts

As you’ll see when you watch my video tutorial below, this Valentine wreath is pretty easy to make. It’s basically just a matter of grouping the bud stems together in groups of 3 (one long stem and two short stems), then hot gluing them all around your wreath hoop. Then to finish off you just fill in any gaps you think needs filling with more bud stems.

Here are just a few notes on this wreath:

The wreath hoop I use for this wreath is 12″ in diameter, which is a standard hoop size. I made this hoop myself out of wild grapevines I found in the forest outside our house but you can find similar hoops on If you search for natural hoops on Amazon you’ll find that they’re thicker in girth than mine, which would still work with this wreath. You’ll just need to cut out more bud stems to cover the hoop.

For this wreath I used 10 long bud stems and 35 short stems in total. Depending on the size of your hoop wreath, you may need more or less. Remember you can also cut these down to any length you need. For example if your wreath hoop is only 6″ or 8″ in diameter, you could cut the long stems so they don’t stick out of your wreath so much. It’s a very flexible wreath so you really can just start making it without much planning ahead of time. If you want a fuller wreath than mine, just add more bud stems.

Magenta pink bud stems paper cutouts
diy valentine wreath, paper valentine wreath, valentine svg

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Willow Leaves SVG Set
Cutting Machine
Cardstock or Cover Paper – 60lb (163gsm) to 80lb (216gsm) weight
12″ Wreath Hoop
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon or Clear String

Valentine Bud Wreath Video Tutorial:

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