DIY Spring Wreath SVG

DIY Spring Wreath

Freshen up your home this year with this Spring wreath I put together using the Fern Leaves Set and the Abigail Butterfly from my collection. If you’re not into butterflies, you could easily replace the butterflies in this wreath with paper flowers. I don’t have any flower designs in my collection because there are already so many incredible paper flower artists out there. Lia Griffith has an incredible collection of paper flower tutorials and if you have an Etsy account you probably already know the vast array of paper flower designs available there.

I’ve never been much of a wreath person. It takes a special organized mind to be able to put up a different wreath every season and store away the old one for when the season comes around again. That’s the person I aspire to be. I’m more of a “store it away and forget about it forever” type of person. So paper wreaths are just right for me. I make them when I feel like it and I can match them to my decor. And when I get tired of looking at it, I make a new one!

Scroll down to my video tutorial to watch me put together this Spring wreath.

diy spring wreath, fern leaves svg, butterfly stickers svg
Abigail butterfly stickers, tea stain, tea stained
DIY Spring wreath svg

Here is look at the cutouts you’ll need for this wreath:

Spring wreath cutouts

Here are a few notes before you assemble your wreath:

  1. If you’re not familiar with them, the Abigail butterflies in this wreath have a top layer that I tea-stained—you can find the tutorial here. I’ve been loving this butterfly more and more because I’m able to change out the colors in the middle layer and still retain that vintage look with the tea-stained layer. It’s a charming little butterfly that you can use in multiple projects.
  2. I use a 12″ grapevine hoop for my wreath. You can find similar hoops if you do a search for “grapevine hoop” on Etsy.
    If you use a smaller or larger hoop you’ll have to adjust the number of cutouts you use. As a general rule, you can divide your wreath into 4 quarters and based on this you can gauge how much you need of each cutout. If you’re using a hoop any smaller than 10″ I would leave the large Fern leaves out and just use the small ones or you can cut them down to a length that looks good with your hoop size.
DIY Spring Wreath split in quarters

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Fern Leaves SVG
Abigail Butterfly SVG
Cutting Machine
Cardstock or Cover Paper – 60lb (163gsm) to 65lb (176gsm)
12″ Wreath Hoop
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon or String for Hanging

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial:

I hope you enjoyed this one! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign for daily photos and sneak peaks on upcoming designs. Feel free to tag me if you make any of my designs. I love seeing them out there in the wild!

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