Fantasy Woodland Flowers, DIY Paper Flowers SVG

Fantasy Woodland Flowers

Paper flowers have exploded in popularity and for good reason—they make stunning decor and the sky is the limit for the style of flower you want to create. These Fantasy Woodland Flowers sprang from my vision of what I imagine the flowers in an enchanted fairy woodland would look like. Many of you purchase my fairy house together with my fairy designs (thank you!) so I hope these flowers will inspire you to expand on the magical fairy world you’re creating in your homes.

Paper flowers with paper fairy
Paper Flower Template

These Fantasy Woodland Flowers can be used as wall decor in a nursery or you can add them to a table centerpiece to make a magical display. They’re gorgeous when grouped together so you can never make too many of these. I’ll be creating a wreath with them in a future blog post and video so stay tuned.

Lace like paper flowers white
Paper flowers table centerpiece DIY

The design folder for these flowers includes two sizes: small and large. The small flowers can be as wide as 9 or 10 inches and the large flowers can be as wide as 14 or 15 inches, depending on which petal length you use to make each flower. Below are samples of a large flower (cream petals) and a small flower (dusty rose petals).

Paper flowers crepe paper cream and dusty rose

The following cutouts are all the pieces that are included in your download—all of which are included in both small and large sizes. I call the lacy petals the front petals and the solid petals the back petals.

Paper flower petals template

As you’ll see in my video tutorial below, I use crepe paper for my back petals. Since I don’t have a fabric blade on my cutting machine I have to cut my crepe paper by hand. To do this, I first cut the back petals in card stock, then use them as templates for hand-cutting my crepe paper. If you have a fabric blade, by all means use it to cut your crepe petals and ignore this part of my video tutorial.

You can also skip the crepe paper altogether and create all your petals in card stock paper. As you can see in the image below, card stock paper still creates beautiful flowers.

paper flower svg, woodland theme decoration

I had a lot of fun dreaming up these flowers so I hope you enjoy them too. Scroll down to my video tutorial below to see how to assemble them.

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Fantasy Woodland Flowers SVG
Cutting Machine
60lb or 65lb Cardstock Paper
Crepe Paper
White Floral Wire
Hot Glue Gun
White Glue or Tacky Glue
Scissors for cutting wire

Video Tutorial

I hope you enjoy making these paper flowers. Feel free to tag me @chaivdesign if you want to share your magical creations!

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