DIY Fairy House Lantern, Fairy House SVG

Fairy House & Lantern SVG

When I imagine where fairies live, I picture an old growth forest where the trees are covered in soft moss and twisted vines hang like ribbons between the branches. But instead of carving out their homes in tree trunks, the fairies in my world live in whimsical little houses that hang from trees. Houses that light up at night so when you approach their magical village the first thing you see is a faint glow through a lattice of leaves.

So this is the fairy house I designed from my imaginary fairy village. It can be hung as a lantern or sit on a table and make a sweet toy for a fairy lover. Here is the house with my table top fairy which I scaled down to a smaller size from the original file so she would look proportional to her house. (You can see my tutorial for her here).

Fairy house with my Table Top Fairy

I covered the openings in my fairy house with tissue paper, but you can also leave the openings uncovered, which makes it look a little like a bird cage. Not that this is a bad thing, bird cages make lovely decor!

In addition, you can make fairy houses of varying sizes with this SVG bundle. Perfect for creating an enchanting fairy village of your own! Scroll down for my video tutorial when you’re ready to make your fairy house.

Fairy houses with my Woodland Trees

A few notes for your fairy house:

  1. Use 60 lb (163 gsm) to 100 lb (271 gsm) cardstock paper.
  2. Use strong double-sided tape so your fairy house doesn’t come apart.
  3. Your download will include some blue dotted cut lines which are fold lines. If these lines are importing into your software as solid lines, make sure you change them to dotted lines before cutting.

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Fairy House & Lantern SVG Design
Cutting Machine
Cardstock Paper
Tissue Paper (if making closed lantern)
White Glue
Small Paint Brush
Double-Sided Tape
Hot Glue Gun

Video Tutorial:

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