Cricut Design Space Fold Score Dashed Cut Lines

Cricut Design Space: Fold Lines

When you’re cutting a project with fold lines in Design Space and you have a scoring tool, you have to change all the fold lines so that they are labeled as “Score” lines. This will tell your Cricut to use the scoring tool on those fold lines.

If you do not have a scoring tool, you still need to change those lines to “Score” lines so that they don’t get cut or you can just delete them and create the fold lines by hand. If you’re a seasoned Design Space user you can also draw in your own dashed cut lines that your blade will cut. The only way you will get dashed cut lines in an uploaded SVG file is if the creator of the file made each of those dashes an individual line. If this isn’t done, those fold lines will show up in Design Space as a solid line for cutting.

For the designs in my collection that have fold lines, I will start offering two versions in the design folder—one for using with a scoring tool and a second for using without a scoring tool. The first design in my collection that will have these two versions is my Magnolia fairy, and I will slowly update my old designs with the two versions.

If you’ve purchased one of my designs and it doesn’t have the two versions, you can go ahead and use the SVG file if you have a scoring tool. If you do not have a scoring tool, feel free to shoot me an email at and I can whip up the file for you so that your blade will cut dashed lines for your fold lines.

Once you’re ready to cut, watch my video below where I show you how to prepare the fold lines in your SVG file both with and without a scoring tool.

Cricut Design Space: Downloading SVG Files With Score Lines and Dashed Cut Lines

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