water lily pad and lotus leaf DIY svg for cricut

DIY Water Lily Pad and Lotus Leaf

Here is a set of two aquatic leaves I designed, a water lily pad and a lotus leaf. Water Lilies and Lotuses are undoubtedly beautiful flowers but they wouldn’t be so striking without their large, bold leaves that keep them floating above the water. These bold leaves can be used for table decoration or even for fun activities with your kids. They measure approximately 8″ x 8″ but can be scaled to a larger size if you want to use them as stepping mattes in a kids’ game.

Water Lily pads and Lotus leaves paper craft

Water lilies and lotus flowers look very similar but their leaves are quite distinctive. As you can see in the image below, the leaf of the water lily has a deep notch whereas the lotus leaf is more rounded with slight notches, if any.

Water Lily Pad and Lotus Leaf Paper Craft DIY

Of course both can be used interchangeably but in researching these leaves it was interesting to learn the differences! Here is my water lily/lotus flower (with the bottom leaves removed) sitting on the leaves:

white lotus paper flower on leaf cricut craft
Water Lily Paper Flower on lily pad

When you’re ready to make these aquatic leaves, scroll down to my video tutorial below to watch my quick video on how to assemble them:

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Water Lily and Lotus Leaves SVG
Cutting Machine
Light Green Cardstock Paper
Dark Green Cardstock Paper
Tacky Glue

Video Tutorial

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