DIY Magnolia Flower Fairy Craft SVG For Cricut

Magnolia Flower Fairy

A magnolia tree in full bloom never fails to catch my eye. Everything about the tree is so bold and striking, from the large flowers to the dark glossy leaves. So creating this magnolia flower fairy was a no-brainer for me. Instead of wispy vines trailing out of her wings like my other sitting fairies, I made over-sized leaves that might be my favorite part of this fairy. I also added a flower crown—something I’ve been wanting to add to my fairies and this was the perfect fairy for it.

magnolia fairy on wood stump

As with my other sitting fairies, there are two versions you can make of this fairy. One version is with her wings separated like in the fairy below, so you can make her wing a different color from her body—I used pink glitter cardstock. And the second version is with her wings attached (see above). Both versions are included when you purchase this design.

Magnolia flower fairy with glitter wings and pink flower crown. Fairy DIY paper craft.
magnolia fairy in white and pink. Fairy SVG for Cricut crafting idea

Cricut Users:

Starting with this fairy design, I will be offering two different sets of files—one for Cricut users who have a scoring tool, and the second for those who do not have a scoring tool. These will be in files labeled YES SCORING TOOL and NO SCORING TOOL.

The difference between the two is that in the YES SCORING TOOL folder, the fold lines in the fairy will show up in Design Space as a solid line and in the NO SCORING TOOL folder they will show up as dashed lines.

If you’ve purchased one of my designs and it doesn’t have the two versions, you can go ahead and use the SVG file if you have a scoring tool for your Cricut. If you do not have a scoring tool and you do not know how to create dashed cut lines, feel free to shoot me an email at and I can whip up the file for you so that your blade will cut dashed lines for your fold lines.

If you are cutting on something other than a Cricut, you should be able to use the files in either folder. (I’m not familiar with the software for other machines so feel free to leave a comment to let me know if you have trouble with fold lines in your software.)

If you’re new to Design Space and you’re not familiar with how to handle fold lines, watch my tutorial below for detailed instructions:

And for the magnolia fairy, here are the parts included in the download for this fairy:

This fairy is a fun one to assemble, especially with the flower crown—I hope you give it a try! Scroll down for my video tutorial on how to assemble this fairy.

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Magnolia Flower Fairy SVG
Cutting Machine
60lb or 65lb Cardstock Paper
Glitter Cardstock
Tacky Glue
X-Acto Knife
Double-Sided Tape

Video Tutorial:

I hope you enjoy this magnolia fairy! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @chaivdesign to see my daily posts and sneak peeks of upcoming designs. Thank you for all your support!

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