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Fall Woodland Trees

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been busy making these paper fall woodland trees from my Christmas Woodland Trees set and I wanted to show you how they turned out. Here is my original tutorial for these trees. Each leaf is hot- glued on individually so they take some time to make, but the process is really simple and it’s a project you can leave and return back to any time.

Fall woodland trees, leaf template, leaf craft

I don’t normally do Fall centerpieces but these trees turned out so beautifully I’m displaying them on my coffee table on a cake stand. I know technically these trees look like evergreens, which don’t change color, but this is a magical forest so the trees change to any color they want (I’m having visions of pink trees for Valentines).

Fall Table centerpiece, woodland paper trees svg

If you have miniature houses, they’ll look great paired with these trees—like a quaint little village in the mountains. You can also arrange them along your fireplace mantel like you would do with a miniature Christmas village. I don’t have a mantel but I have a plant shelf below a window where I like to create my Christmas villages every year.

Fall trees, leaf svg, fall paper crafts
Christmas village, mantel decor
Christmas mantel decoration, Fall woodland trees

So pretty right? If you’ve already purchased this Woodland Christmas Trees SVG set (thank you!), try making this autumn version of the trees. And if you haven’t, give these a try—I promise you’ll love them!

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